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 Regional Medical Assistance Team (RMAT)

The Central Florida Disaster Medical Team is a regional medical assistance team (RMAT), a group of volunteer responders whose purpose is to stabilize, treat, and transfer, as appropriate, patients during a disaster or during a community-sponsored event, such as air shows, marathons, and concerts. The CFDMT consists of trained /credentialed command staff, physicians, physician assistants, nurses, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and administrative and logistics personnel.

The CFDMT supports emergency medical operations during disasters and at pre-planned community events in Central Florida. Previous RMAT efforts show a dramatic benefit to not only the EMS community but also local hospitals. The RMAT efforts enable EMS and hospitals to handle their normal patient loads right away, by keeping RMAT patients out of the system. The RMAT’s immediate medical care to these patients often ensures a better patient outcome.

As a member of the CFDMT you will have the opportunity to work in some unique environments with some of our area’s outstanding first responders. Most importantly you can help treat and save the lives of fellow community members. This is your opportunity to be part of a valued team during events and emergency situations, when it truly matters most.

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