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Recently, the CFDMT enrolled in the Amazon Smile program.  By using the below link you may conduct your normal Amazon shopping but when you add the Central Florida Disaster Medical Coalition as your designated charity, a small portion of your eligible purchases will be donated to the CFDMT (0.5% of every eligible purchase) by Amazon.  You may also add the CFDMC as your preferred charity in the Amazon App and they will ask that you confirm it twice per year.  There are no extra fee's or hidden costs and the donations come from Amazon to the CFDMC.  You must use the smile platform every time you shop or the transactions will not count.  There will be a message in your purchase screen that identifies the purchase as Amazon Smile eligible and if from a web browser there will be a tab that says "Supporting: Central Florida Disaster Medical Coalition."  After each purchase a message will appear stating that a donation has been made so that you know you have it setup correctly.  The link is below:

CFDMC Grant Funded Infection Control Consultant Program For Nursing Homes

CMS Interim Final Rule

Disaster Available Supplies in Hospitals (DASH) is an interactive tool that can help hospital emergency planners and supply chain staff estimate supplies that may need to be immediately available during various mass casualty incidents (MCI) and infectious disease emergencies based on hospital characteristics. DASH recommends average par levels for specific supplies that acute care hospitals may need to have on hand to respond to a disaster in their community until resupplied. Recommendations are based on user inputs about the size of the hospital, risks in the community, regional role/designation of the hospital, and other factors.

Hospital Family Reunification Plan