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2023 Region 5 Trauma Advisory Board
Committees Purpose & Meeting Schedule

RDSTF-5 Trauma Advisory Board April 13, 2023 Agenda


Draft COT Guidelines with White Paper & 64J

Burn Annex

Burn TTX After Action Report

Whole Blood Transfusion Guideline Resource

 Region 5
Mass Casualty Incident (MCI)
Trauma Coordination Plan

 Trauma Coordination Center Exercise AAR

Region 5 - 350+ Scanners

Standard Principles and Guidelines – Spinal Mobilization

Standard Principles and Guidelines –Pediatrics

Standard Principles and Guidelines – Covid-19 Management and Transport

Standard Principles and Guidelines –TXA

Standard Principles and Guidelines –Geriatric Head Trauma on Anticoagulants

Mask Tutorial

Sample MCI Surge Cart by Colo

Trauma System Support Resources

April 2023 RTAB Committee Minutes 

February 2023 RTAB Committee Minutes 

2022 RTAB Committee Minutes 

2021 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

2021 Preparedness Committee Meeting Minutes

2021 Clinical Leadership Committee Meeting Minutes

2021 System Support Committee Meeting Minutes

Whole Blood EMS Committee Meeting Minutes

2015-2020 Executive Committee & General Meeting Minutes

2019-2020 Clinical Leadership Committee Minutes

2017-2020 Preparedness Committee Minutes

2017-2020 System Support Committee Minutes

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